I think I haven't quite mastered the art of how to phrase a question in an understandable way...

My question in the last session (about commons) kind of got lost, but I ponder about it a lot...

How to communicate about the commons? (in order to grow more).

The theoretical/conceptual basis for it is engaging for some people, but probably not most.

(I want to personally shift from theorizing --> actually "commoning", but I suspect asking people to "common with me" will not go well...)

... one concept I like from the talk is focusing on "needs based thinking", so peoples need for food, friendship, transport, etc... (as opposed to money).

Perhaps makes it more concrete what is going on and why it might be interesting to someone...

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@nicksellen hehe, I suspect you're right. I tend to talk about "growing the commons" (not that I do enough of that yet, but it's a start...)

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