Bought my ticket for the stir to action festival, the whole process is feeling a bit like what I hoped was to become the "old" economy... commercial closed source platform (hopin), sending data to google for the captcha, fields for my twitter and linked in accounts, and a niggling feeling that capital/profit/growth mindsets might be nibbling their way in... πŸ’°

Still, interested to join some sessions 😎

well, I tried!

I put my mastodon profile in the twitter profile box... denied...

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@nicksellen yeah, it's a shame, although I'm not sure if there are any open source multi-track conferencing options (yet)? Do you know if the videos will be available afterwards? I was thinking of signing up, but will be missing anything today or Thurs as I'm otherwise engaged...

@amcewen @nicksellen My friend said the organizers said "we will record almost all of them and make them available from 5pm (our time). There are one or two we cannot record." Fingers crossed as I'm tied up with work during the daytime.

@amcewen BigBlueButton seems to be the closest candidate... the open coop conference ran using BBB using the setup, I think it was single track, but not sure.

to get these tools to work really well and integrated though probably more work needed, but requires us all to collaborate and support them.

if we just behave as consumers and wait for the tools to arrive, we get extractive closed tools.

@nicksellen Agreed. I'd hope that this is more of a pragmatic, stop-gap solution. I joined recently so that (a) I've got access to a decent open-source option for my video calls, and (b) to help support such efforts financially (in a tiny way)

@amcewen I would love it if every time somebody used a stop-gap solution, they also explained why it is needed and what could happen in the future to do it differently.

I think this might help to go beyond the purist/pragmatist dichotomy.

hopefully it would motivate people to work on those things.

@nicksellen Good point. That would be a sensible way forwards. For me, I think the multi-track stuff is the main thing lacking, although IIRC hopin has some sort of networking area, which would be good to solve. I don't think HopIn did it particularly well, but it's something that's missing (or has room for improvement) IMO from online conferences. How do you enable the "corridor track"? Or facilitate impromptu small breakout rooms for people gather in (and how do you make them discoverable)

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