The stir to action (online) festival started this morning -->

I made a selection of the sessions that I'm interested in (next toot...) ... not sure I can actually attend many of them, but let's see!


(all times in UK timezone)

1st Sept
- The Insurgent Power of the Commons - Silke Helfrich 12PM - 1PM

2nd Sept
- It Starts with Art: A Creative Workshop on Community-Led Housing - Kamiel Verschuren with Tim Crabtree 2PM - 3.30PM

3rd Sept
- Family Farm Succession and Community Ownership Charlotte Hollins 11AM - 12PM
- Elinor Ostrom & the Community Paradigm - Dr Simon Kaye 12PM - 1PM
- Land Ownership & Racial Justice - Josina Calliste & Mark Walton 3PM - 4PM

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