Great to stumble across - adding democratic governance features within software for communities, based on principles from Elinor Ostrom.

It's the same approach we are taking with @karrot.

Haven't read the paper yet...

@deejoe democratic permission systems for unix operating systems, why not!


tl;dw: skim through the slides to find some names (in)famous in the history of the discussion of commonses.

@deejoe thanks! I had a flick, on board with these kind of ideas:
- thinking holistically about the project, not just about the codebase
- the project _is_ the community

In the case of @karrot it's particularly interesting (or confusing!) as we have multiple commons involved:
- that of the project itself
- the groups that use the software have their own, totally separate commons (although they might not think of it in those terms)

@Matt_Noyes @nicksellen @karrot it is in fact super interesting. I'm a huge fan of this project and am collaborating with the team.

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