πŸ“ž is anybody up for a tech call? we skipped the last two, but I would be up for having one again if people want to join?

... quite a lot of my "project" calls lately are actually more like nice chats about life and whatever else we're up to, so maybe expect something like that. ❀️

@redoak @wu_lee @idmyn @michel_slm great! I'll be 5 minutes late. Just started eating dinner and can do it quick but not 7 minutes!

@idmyn @nicksellen I was hoping to join until I realized I have a faculty meeting :(

@ntnsndr @idmyn we'll have another one in two weeks, or if you want a random chat any other time feel free :)

@nicksellen @idmyn Thanks! Do you have a time/date for the next one? And notes?

I'm just so longing to geek out a bit and hear how the tech side is going.

@ntnsndr @idmyn loose minutes written just now from the meeting -->

So, not much to geek out about ;)

Next Date: 2019-04-29 at 19:30 UTC

I would like to continue the discussions started at - maybe we should organise a seperate call about these topics, which might help get a clearer frame for the tech work (which originated more in emergency needs from my perspective), and include more people in the process.

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