I set up a streaming radio thing!

I put a subset of my music on a server, and set it up to stream a playlist. Right now some chilled music I like to code to. May drastically change at other times.

You can listen to it at stream.abovethebeat.com/ (browsers seem to know how to handle it, or use a media play that handles streams, e.g. vlc).

I don't know how many people it can support listening.. too many people and it might crash my little server.


I added another stream!

So, there is 6 hours or so of Zimbabwean music at stream.abovethebeat.com/zimbab

And the previous one is 19 hours of ambient music at stream.abovethebeat.com/ambien

Enjoy! (until it breaks... or I turn it off or something)

Hej Nick. Nice offering thanks. <Pause> doesn't work though !

Aha! Obviously I'm too used to listening to my radio and tv media in catchup, where I take pause for granted. I hate to be at the mercy of anybody's stream (like, I haven't played an album right through for about 25 years, ever since mixtapes were the thing). Also, there *is* a <pause> button in the interface?

@mike_hales yeah all the interfaces I tried with have a pause button (what you're probably seeing is your browsers default handling of the stream), I think most of software is on your side with the control aspect.

there is some freedom through limited choice too though!

my original seed of thought was setting it up to create a bit of social cohesion through listening to the same music. I was fiddling around today with a web frontend to collaboratively manage the playlist.

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