Still on my long train journey and listened to Jim Rutt interviewing Tristan Harris about Humane Tech and had a similar feeling to the last one.

Lots of nice insight into the problem (massive power asymmetry with tech companies and business models that incentive all sorts of shitty stuff).

But unbelievably uninspiring "solutions". Basically a list of apps that sound super privacy invading themselves.


One of them was to help connect with people more spontaneously when people are nearby that's let's you indicate your availability or something.

I really don't want an app for that, I want a kitchen with a window I can hang out at preparing food and chatting with friends passing by (... maybe on their way to the lake having been collecting apples earlier ...)

I want to indicate my availability physically by moving to a place with a socialable architecture (or a dark cosy corner when not).

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