I just listened to Hanzi Freinacht talking on the Jim Rutt podcast.

I like a lot of what he says about the state of the world and the various attempts to improve it, dislike most of what he says about the solutions, but most of all hate the smug self assured certainty in which he says it.

Have a little humility dude!

Would recommend listening. Jim Rutt is a nice counter balance and pushes back on quite a few points.


He describes genetically related levels of abilities and whilst accepting this is a very dangerous idea, decides to proceed with it anyway as if there are no other ways forward.

What I wonder is where he appears in his own model? From listening to him he appears as a God-like figure that can see the truth, I get no sense of his awareness of his own limitated perspective.

Both him and the host want to avoid "the swamp" of post modernist subjectivity, but you can't just pull yourself out of the swamp because you don't like it.

I feel more compelled to tost accept (or even embrace) the uncertainty of the swamp AND get on with doing stuff....

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@nicksellen I was thinking about listening to a Rutt show episode... but they are realllly long!

@douginamug just book a 10 hour train journey, they'll seem short by comparison πŸ˜‰

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