Now is on mastodon 2.9+ you can choose to use the single column layout. I just switched, and find it much less overwhelming to look at.

See details here

@michel_slm sounds a good idea! seems like it only requires writing a message:

"Mastodon has built-in support for Keybase proofs starting with version 2.8.0. If you don't see the instance you're looking for in the Keybase app, contact @mlsteele or email to have it added to the list."


I'll write a message...

@nicksellen neat! For a long while our instance was really behind on updates so this was not even an option. Thanks for all the great work bringing us up to date!

I work in tech, so mea culpa - I should really have volunteered more, but my daily job is for a social media company and I was worried about a potential conflict of interest.

Come to think of it, if I'm not actually open-sourcing actual improvements to Mastodon I think I'll be fine. If you can use some new hands I'd love to help!

@michel_slm great! For sure, would be welcome. We have a tech call every two weeks. Next one is this Wednesday, at 8:30pm UK time if you can make that. It's quite nice to have a chit chat and get to know each other a little more. Although not required :)

We don't really have a clear roadmap at the moment so I'm not sure what to recommend right now. Hoping to get clearer on that as the weeks progress.

@nicksellen that's lunchtime on the US West Coast, so perfect for me. Details in Loomio, I assume?

@michel_slm previous meeting minutes are in loomio here

we also have a matrix chat room here (not very active, but worth joining for faster chat experience)

and a pad for agenda points / live notes during meeting

so far we've been using for the call, but it has limit of 4, would probably go to if we have >4.

@nicksellen: I had to miss it today, apologies - will try and join the next one

@michel_slm keybase said it's setup now, can you try it out and see if it works? I can announce it more widely then.

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