time for the next round of mastodon upgrades for social.coop this weekend πŸš€

current is v2.7.4
target is v2.8.4, or maybe v2.9.3 if it feels ok (last one before v3!)

as before, I won't say exactly when, have to fit it around my plans/moods/energy, which fluctuate quite a lot lately πŸ“Š

downtime should be minimal anyway, I'll announce when it begins...


πŸ’ͺ ok, gunna start the upgrade, going for v2.9.3

πŸ’» Merge request ---> git.coop/social.coop/tech/sauc

πŸ€— There will be some short downtime, come on over to the matrix chat if you need some company ---> riot.im/app/#/room/#social.coo

πŸš€ seems to have gone ok!

πŸ› let me know if you experience any issues πŸ˜„

βœ… ... and finally we have polls, do you like them:

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