I was thinking to register my precious touring bike in case it ever gets stolen. But then I realised one of the things I love about cycling is the freedom, independence and anonymity.

No "cycling license" needed, no registration required, and it's one of the few remaining ways to travel anonymously.

I'm conflicted now. Thoughts?

@nicksellen You can take a note of the frame number to include with any stolen property report. Or register it post-theft. Not sure what pre-registration would get you above that.

@priryo yup, good point. I think I may go for this.

Although I understood for "serious" crime, the frame number might get filed off...

@nicksellen It's a long time since a serious criminal would take an interest in my bike :)
Do the modern registration schemes use RFID tags or something to get around this I wonder.

@priryo I have no evidence anyone takes in interest in mine ... I've had it 8 years and often leave it unlocked (when touring, in rural locations) ... but it plays on my mind, and I couldn't afford to replace it now if it were stolen.

There are various RFID schemes, that seem to be private companies that co-ordinate with police to provide the readers, also micro dot things (to put on individual components).

I'm thinking to ignore it all again now!

@nicksellen maybe add a hidden gps tracker to your bike and track it with your phone πŸ€”β€‹ maybe there is even an app that tells you if your bike is too far away from your phone or something like that..πŸŒΊβ€‹

@wolfi might be nice, but I think it would likely use too much electricity to keep it powered for very long.

@nicksellen - not sure there is a conflict there? At least, relative to the anonymity and freedom I assume you have now, is registering likely to infringe it any more?

@wu_lee registering it means the police have access to the database, which means on finding my bike and reading the frame number it can be connected back to me, so not anonymous any more.

I don't think they are likely to do that, and I don't think it would usually matter if they did.

... but I am uncomfortable when I reduce my ability to be anonymous. If I do, I'd like to understand the tradeoffs available.

@nicksellen but cannot also your wallet and other possessions be linked back to you?

@wu_lee my phone is even constantly telling the cell tower and phone company where I am! that doesn't mean I want my bike to do that as well.

it's the principle of least information, or something like that.

... as for my wallet in particular, I can choose about that particular trade-off. I could travel around the UK totally anonymously, just use cash, no phone, etc...

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