Just heading off now to join Ecotopia bike tour (ecotopiabiketour.net/). Quite excited. Also wondering how I'll be cycling with a group, I've done most of my cycle trips solo so far.


Just left ecotopia bike tour today, just under 2 weeks felt a lifetime! Many pros/cons compared to doing same kinda thing on my own.

Main benefit though: meeting some really nice people. Nothing like a bike trip for bonding. Nice to visit a few projects in Wales. Tyddyn Teg co-op farm, CAT, Ember Housing Co-op, and tipi valley.

And as with all projects I enjoy, after a week or two I start feeling like I'm one of the organisers of it...

... and a little peak of ecotopia, this is a beautiful little picnic area in Snowdon national park we colonised for a couple of nights. All walkers coming through very interested and supportive. Although there was much rain, nothing a couple of tarps can't deal with. Add the fairy lights and it's paradise!

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