I was inspired seeing your lovely watercolour sketches on your cycle trip @distel - someone bought me a little watercolour set and I had a go!

I think last painting I did was probably 25 years ago in school :/

Any tips/advice/resources? ... I have some way to go ...

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@nicksellen great effort - i think you forest looks wonderful.

I'm actually not doing watercolor alone, I'm sketching with waterproof black ink in a fountain pen and then I'm throwing some watercolor on there. I find it much easier than controlling contrast and lines with watercolor alone. it's very rewarding!

I would recommend trying that. and check out "urban sketching" on the internet, you'll find a lot of stuff there.

I know a good book but I don't know if it's available in english.

@distel super! Thanks for the tips. I have a waterproof black pen with me so will try playing around with that πŸ˜€

@distel well I'm on my way now... I guess if I keep doing one or more a day I might be able to one day do justice to the actual scene in front of me.

Makes me appreciate your sketches even more!

@nicksellen nice one! I like the tent very much. keep up the good work!


A book which is probably the best art tutorial I've ever come across is "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards.

It shows how to shift from "L mode" which typically dominates but has no patience and draws cartoon like symbols, into "R mode" which is more meditative and can perceive the world as shapes and space without trying to recognise or name everything.


@wu_lee @nicksellen to be honest, I had an art book once with this brain side topic too.
I drew things exactly how they looked. but years later, I realized it was the wrong path for me.

I like the cartoon-ish style much more and decisions what to leave out and what to change, are very important too.

sometimes I try not to look too much and draw my own interpretation of a thing.

my arts teacher in school said: if you draw photorealistic, why not take a photo in the first place?

@wu_lee @nicksellen but I admit I am coming from a place where I tried to learn how to draw shapes and planes and shadows without naming things, and it definitely helps if you can see a thing, and unsee your habits of what that thing is supposed to look like.

@wu_lee @nicksellen maybe the process is: try to unlearn your habits about things and really see them as they appear.

then try to see your own vision for them and draw them as *you* want to show them and not as they appear.

@distel @wu_lee I think I'm at a point where learning a few more basic skills of drawing things "as they are" is probably useful. Although I'm much more inclined to start breaking free from that as soon as I get a chance. Maybe alternating sketches between accurate-ish and childlike would work.

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