A critical look at community land trusts and how the community control can be eroded in favour of investors. Important lesson on be aware who you are accountable to.

@nicksellen Interesting read! A lot of points I could relate too.

The 'funding-creep', switching accountability from the initial target group to the funders, seems so strong that any group going that way might do well to build institutional countermeasures since it seems to be a gradual, systematic process: it would be funny if the rad-hippies became capitalist-pigs immediately after scoring the first grant 😉

@douginamug very nice project. Kind of daunting how to get enough money to get any significant proportion of housing into this model.

Also seems to still depend on ever increasing house price rises (as loans are paid back via rents which stay related to market rate).

Maybe it's a nice pooling of existing wealth but makes me wonder what it takes to get transfer of wealth from the undeserving rich.


A very similar process happened in Germany which was responded by the emergence of the apartment house syndicate to keep communal control :

A similar thing is in planning phase for agricultural entities:

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