I would like to stop casually reading The Guardian, specifically because of it's coverage of Corbyn, Brexit, and Venezuela (but also the luxury lifestyle bits, and the numerous meat recipes).

Any recommendations on what to read instead?

(use case: idle reading when I should be doing something else)


I made a list of non-Guardian media sources I can hopefully casually browse (although sometimes too long/intense for that use case).

Have started to read/watch to some extent:
- counterpunch.org/
- novaramedia.com/
- democracynow.org/

Also to look at a bit more, but not so much yet:
- blackagendareport.com/
- truthdig.com/
- telesurenglish.net/
- globalresearch.ca/

Also, maybe some more things from this nice media co-op themediafund.org/about-us/the-

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