I would like to stop casually reading The Guardian, specifically because of it's coverage of Corbyn, Brexit, and Venezuela (but also the luxury lifestyle bits, and the numerous meat recipes).

Any recommendations on what to read instead?

(use case: idle reading when I should be doing something else)

@nicksellen I stopped reading the guardian years ago, as it is no different from other #mainstreammedia. You could try the Independent!

@nicksellen do you just want english?
The Guardian went off the rails when they changed to a corporation a couple of years ago.

@gemlog thanks! and yup, english only for now...

Sounds interesting about the change in the guardian, have you got a link where I can read more into it?

@nicksellen @gemlog Interesting, in the last few years The Guardian moved to its 'paid for by readers rather than by advertising' model, didn't it? On the face of it that seems like it would have been a positive.

But then The Guardian has felt for a long time like, the paper for people who were radical when young, now with families, stable jobs, and skiing holidays in the Alps.

@nicksellen First paragraph. Changed to an ltd corp in 2008.
They say it's the same, but it isn't.

@nicksellen Idle reading as in daily news on current affairs? Don't know of a good alternative for exactly that. Interested to see how the English version of The Correspondent turns out. I kind of skim the Guardian online for a rough idea of what's going on each day, take it with a pinch of salt, ignore opinions pieces, check in on Novara Media occassionally.

For general, less current, idle reading I just have a feed reader of various lefty blogs that I like.

@neil which various lefty blogs? 😀

Yeah, I might still flick the Guardian for that use-case. I don't think I really need to know the daily goings on though, the longer arcs/narratives seem more important to focus on.


Labour-ish socialist stuff

Bit more green, libertarian municipalist, does a good monthly linklog

I made a list of non-Guardian media sources I can hopefully casually browse (although sometimes too long/intense for that use case).

Have started to read/watch to some extent:

Also to look at a bit more, but not so much yet:

Also, maybe some more things from this nice media co-op

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