Woo! We finally got open source, after 2 or 3 years - and have 30 contributors listed now

feel a great moment!

@nicksellen cool. Great that you've made it finaly!

I know that I've been asking this in the past already, but have you made some new considerations of adding federation to the code?
There're currently a couple of plattforms that are centerd around civic activism/life planning to add federation.
May you could team up with them for coordinating eachs other effort. I can't remember their names at the moment, but their development is based in germany, so it would be also easily to meet up at one point.

If you're interested i could look it up.

@paulfree14 I wouldn't directly put effort into that myself (too much other stuff to do), but would support serious/pragmatic contributions from others in that direction.

I think federation is more about the organisation layer rather than tech (although both essential) so would benefit from co-ordination from fs organisers before jumping into code.

@nicksellen cool, good to know. For the moment not having the energy of supporting any of those processes for now but I'll keep it in mind.
May it be in future different.

In case others from the fs community are interested in starting it, I would be happy to know about it.

@paulfree14 another good effort would be federated hospex by adding federation to trustroots :)

it would be a big project, and complicated, but probably less complicated than doing it for

.. and if the project does not want federation right now, could consider a fork.

again, not a project for me, for now.

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