@anaulin I feel scepticism towards this approach - the expectation that leaders need to be what people imagine they are (confident, wise, and knowledgable) - and when people fall short from that feeling to build themselves up with positive affirmations ("I deserve my success"") amongst other leaders.

Could we not have supportive/co-operative workplaces that don't demand so much from the leaders? Seems possibly a problem of giving too much status to them in the first place.

@anaulin I also find the image of the website quite insensitive: d2v8394niztrcg.cloudfront.net/

What could be a homeless person sleeping in front of a door saying "you are going to be fine" - they are probably not going to be fine, - and perhaps they can do with some positive affirmations too :)


@anaulin oh, and also thanks for the writeup in the first place!

... I did enjoy reading Gerald Weinberg - On Becoming A Technical Leader goodreads.com/book/show/714344

I put a couple of notes/quotes from it on github.com/nicksellen/ponderin

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