I love working in a kind of flexible/ad-hoc way on open source projects, I would love to explore if paid projects could be delivered like this.

Instead of project timelines, estimates, roles, deliverables, etc. just start with a git repo and build up a (paid) community of contributors over time.

Deciding how to split funds is tricky, I had a few thoughts here about using a variation of score voting for it


Top quality toot. I'm pretty sure this could be implemented in , where @KingMob will soon preside over the development.

We have a democratic process for users to propose and vote on new features.

We could develop a system where devs who implement user proposals would be rewarded according to:

- How much users value the feature according to a democratic process.

- How much other devs value the effort according to score-voting your proposing.

@nicksellen there's a really good chat on #Scuttlebutt about this atm as there have been some big grants come in.

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