I've been trying to plan a little UK co-op hitchhiking tour, better start this week!

Will start in Glasgow and slowly make my way down south. Looking for sofas/floors to sleep on and co-ops to visit of any kind, but especially digital-y/software ones...

Would like to talk about saving food (esp. with, web hosting, platform co-ops, volunteers, grassroots, open source, CoTech,, etc...

Should start in the next couple of days. Lemme know if I should swing by!

@nicksellen perhaps @leedscath has some ideas?

LILAC of Leeds looks very cool, met one of the co-founders at coop event in Manchester, could put you in touch. No tech theme AFAIK.

Of course, Newspeak would be cool! You're in touch with John, might be worth booking a talk-slot there.

You've been to Talamh right?

I stayed at Earthworm coop, which is very East Wales, good if you go West side down perhaps.

... hmm.

@nicksellen hey there, i'm sure Cornerstoners will be happy to have you again, I'll email them to check. There's a bunch of interesting infrastructural food stuff in Leeds, and you might want to hook up with @Graham_Mitchell who's a bit further to the west of West Yorks. Thanks @douginamug for drawing my attention 🙂

Can't put you up sadly, but happy to meet up for talk about and related issues in the bit where coops and tech come together. As @leedscath indicates I'm in west West Yorkshire.

@Graham_Mitchell @leedscath thanks for all the responses so far! (and on

I will need to work out some logistics soon. Will just solve the "travelling developer problem" ( first 😉

@Graham_Mitchell heya, whereabouts are you in west West Yorkshire? I will likely be coming over from Blackpool mid/end next week (gunna spend a night at which looks intriguing, although not a co-op)

@nicksellen Heading down the west coast or the east coast when in the north of England?

@dajbelshaw not sure yet, could be M74 (Talamh) then across to Newcastle

@nicksellen Maybe Union St Co-op in Sheffield It's a co-working space with lots of techy people, plus co-op/social enterprise stuff, including pop-up cafe etc.

@nicksellen Hey Nick if you want to stop by Bristol, you would be welcome to crash in the lounge at my house. I'm involved in (, a small platform coop alternative to Reddit.

@jhweir thanks, sounds good! Bath is my home town too, so I am down in that area semi-regularly to visit my folks. I have quite a few stops on the way, so will just leave it vague for now if thats ok 👍

@nicksellen No problem, just send me a message here if you decide to visit 👍

Thanks so much for all the responses so far, I wrote a list of possible stops on the CoTech thread

I'll reply individually/privately to co-ordinate visits, thanks!

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