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And for the record I pronounce it "pseudo", not "soo-doo". Not a matter of principle, just what comes naturally.

Just realized I pronounce "regex" like "rejects", but "gif" with a hard G.

I am large, I contain multitudes.

Some 200 pages into (hashtagging for retrieval) and elation, the first scene of Portia was so lovely ;_; and I recognized bits from the papers I have read

On the bright side my hold for Adrian Tchaikovsky's "Children of Time" came in so there's that

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Today I was at City Hall, watching many ordinary Torontonians talk to city councillors about our city's annual financial plan. Librarians, doctors, moms, youth, activists, oddballs. Virtually all (AFAIK) want Council to go about improving programs, not shrinking programs. Hardly any councillors on board with this, sadly. #TOpoli #oulipolitics

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I have sent an email, I have sat through almost all the deputations, I am going to stagger to McDonald's and then go home and work some more

I've changed my mind I'm totally un-muting him on Twitter, this deputation is fun

Our local freeman-on-the-land (aka sovereign citizen) "frequent flyer" deputant: "I don't know if anyone has brought up international law, because it actually might be relevant to this item…" "Nope, we were saving it for you, Derek!"

It's the little things.

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Procrastinating on writing by catching up on emails. That's how grim things are getting. 😐 😐 😐

Hi Mastodon, I'm back yet again. My last stint on the network was a lot longer than the previous. Maybe this time it will stick!

PSA: if you are still using Comic Sans (and not for children's stuff/maybe as a dyslexia font), stop, and consider

oh man has been relentlessly clowning on's "2 hour transfers are for Bay Street executives and their $150 lunches" tweet ALLLL DAYYYYYY

Current deputant is talking about things like positive vs. negative freedoms which warms my dorky heart.

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