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pivoting to video, wish me luck

@der_bluthund After messing up a blocklist I unblocked everyone, like I have no one blocked, and there is zero harassment. It's a magical shield.

@witchfynder_finder some people just like to see the world burn i guess


@der_bluthund In my experience genitals are irrelevant, and a male-sounding name and gender-neutral avatar are sufficient.

Women, or people presenting themselves as women, seem to get harassed regardless of what genitals they have

It's okay if you didn't get it all done today.

Anyway if anyone (Masto) has a small vanilla server recommendation/invite lmk?

Or, if anyone is looking for the same thing, I might try making a Realm.

Once again feeling an itch to get back into , but singleplayer is too lonely and the server I used to play on is much more crowded now

@ThatDamnCat hey, same here! 🍍 and jalapeno and banana peppers.

How did I only just notice that the mad rambling on the Dr. Bronner's label is translated into French

@alice @noelle just looked this up, it looks fantastic! Like Lego Minecraft it's a neat way to integrate videogames and off-line play

@dalydes ooh. That's a pretty good test of a boot!

@modgethanc there are shoe covers, chemical heated inserts, etc. I find cold kicks in later with feet and is less of an impediment.

(In ordinary-cold weather, I can wear a fleece jacket instead of down, another pair of leggings instead of jeans, and leave off the fleece neck tube.)

My very cold weather 🚲 work outfit since is on the topic atm. Inside to outside, bottom to top.

- regular socks, thermal socks, Blundstones
- padded bike shorts, fleece-lined leggings, loose stretchy jeans
- Heattech long-sleeved top, big random cotton/acrylic/mohair/wool sweater, ultralight down jacket, thin windbreaker
- Thin merino wool neck tube, thick fleece neck tube, close-fitting knit toque, helmet

Weakest points are gloves and boots. Hence bar mitt project.

@modgethanc @ivanvector I've found a merino wool neck tube thing is thin enough that I can breathe through it without fogging up my glasses. But I also have a thicker fleece neck tube thing that can be pulled up if necessary