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neville park ❎

(I'll be livetweeting on birbsite as

I made it here on time and without throwing up so I'm counting that as a win

EXTREMELY tempted to go to the zoo instead

Anyway, here's the Executive Committee agenda, feat. the Long-Term Financial Plan update, a few rental housing-related items, also Blockchain!!1!

@nex3 I assume it comes out of the taps

@MightyPork one flew into my branch mine and I thought it was a graphics glitch at first

I also recently discovered that Minecraft bats are, like, real mobs that fly around and stuff. Until now I literally thought they were just sound effects. Yep.

@nex3 I figure this is why I never get carded despite looking 12 years old: because I'm buying craft beer instead of Mike's Hard Lemonade

Anyway, since it's super late and no one is awake I'd like to update you all on what I'm doing in in my spare time

I discovered a dense cluster of abandoned mineshafts under my island hut and have been slowly exploring, lighting them up and filling in dead ends as I go. It takes a while because I am extremely afraid of monsters and need to make sure things are 100% safe before I proceed.

I also built an XP farm around a zombie spawner, my first with a water elevator & auto sorting.

Bikes in Space: an anthology of feminist bicycle science fiction. 🚴🏾 I never knew I could need a genre so badly. #scifi #cycling #zine #feminism

@MightyPork No I'm going to City Council's Executive Committee meeting

I shouldn't stay up all night instead, but it's a tempting option.

How early do I have to wake up to get to a 9:30 meeting in Scarborough

At least I'm going the opposite way to most commuters

@KitRedgrave for the same reason it's hard to grok uni-level physics

Did you know that the Quebecois have 27 different words for "poutine?"

I thought a donut shop was opening there for real, but I guess it was just for the shoot. I am disappoint.

On my way to the drugstore to buy a Presto card, pass a crime scene at a donut shop. Yellow tape, CSI van, USPS mailbox, NYC cop cars. Ahhh, Toronto.

The little black dress : fashion :: the egg : baking