A splash of fall colour for : a red velvet mite among the yellow splotches of goldenrod rust, a fungus that grows on goldenrod leaves.

Maybe, in the future, crops will not need to be produced as abundantly, to travel so far, when we don't have "cold chains" and gasoline. Maybe no one breed of livestock *should* be grown at industrial scale.

The makings of a great classic Hollywood dance number at the Sally Ann

Happy International Jumping Spider Day! Here's a Phidippus audax I met yesterday in the park. `Β°ooΒ°'

This gross little grotto is between the bricks where Queen St. West dips under the railway tracks. It's moist, grimy, and dirty, and home to many kinds of spiders. The hacklemesh weavers can only be seen late at night, when they come out to sit at the openings of their webs, like old people sitting on their porches. (Sorry for the photo quality, I was on a grocery run to FreshCo and didn't have any equipment with me!)

isn't just for spiders! Here's a red velvet mite.

I can never resist them. They are so soft and bumbly and they look like something you'd see under a scanning electron microscope, but blown up to visible size.

Today took a bit of a "personal day" to Humber Bay Park to stock up on photos. Now home and snuggling with cat.

After several days' absence, some of my window Larinioides have emerged and are weaving new webs.

i made a town hall for the village i'm "renovating" in

as you can maybe see from the map, i am building a street grid and commencing some light infill development

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