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neville park

Help the cat is doing that thing where she curls into increasingly cute and comfy positions

Just a perfectly ordinary leaf. Nothing to see here.

I'm convinced is a tongue-in-cheek scam to get money out of buttmad nerds and I really hope it works


WE'LL NEVER KNOW <thinking-emoji-spin.gif>

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City Hall green roof

1. Iridescent green long-legged fly
2. Some kind of true bug lol idk
3. Tussock moth caterpillar adorned with tufts of hair

: the milkweed has begun flowering here in Toronto

Just saw these two ants fighting. The smaller one was trying to drag the bigger one away by an antenna, but the larger one curled up - playing dead maybe? - till the smaller one gave up and ran off.

Toronto architecture: Keele St. Public School & Community Centre (1978).

Myrmarachne formicaria! A jumping spider that looks like an ant.

I saw this neat bird at sunset, swooping around and diving into the water. A bit smaller than a gull. Light grey, with a black head, reddish beak, and white tail. Any bird people know what it is? (Southern Ontario.)

A close second is the sparkling minty green of the green immigrant leaf weevil (Polydrusus formosus). Hard to capture with just a phone camera and some LEDs but here's my most recent attempt:

My favourite colour is the blue-purple of the vetch blossoms

Thought I was losing it because I could hear the cat washing herself but she wasn't in the room. The sound had been coming from the laundry bag...

Organized my old journals, here are some random finds

1. First deputation ever, July 2011
2. Gender feels circa 2011
3. Tumblr social justice bingo from whenever I was on Tumblr
4. $30 monthly food budget from late 2010 (was on welfare)

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the "fi" ligature in Electra?


[A green strawberry in the garden]