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neville park ❎

I made it here on time and without throwing up so I'm counting that as a win

EXTREMELY tempted to go to the zoo instead

Pretty okay sunset today. View from Queen & Spadina.

Tonight: a panel on affordable housing in , 6:30-8:30 PM, May Robinson Auditorium at 20 West Lodge. I will be working and cannot go, but looks good. Deets:

WRT diversity, I see the billboards around town for so many new shows and movies that are just, like...identical-looking white guys with brown hair and a bit of stubble

Like thanks that tells me so much???

Coolest thing I saw today: two crows mobbing some kind of bird of prey (hawk? falcon?) near College & Shaw. They were cawing and flying around, trying to drive it off.

Getting started on Cordelia Fine's latest, ! Hashtagging for easier searching/filtering.

[DJ Khaled voice] Another one.

(Spotted outside St. James Cathedral.)

getting home from a chilly bike ride and mushing my face into a sleepy sun-warmed cat

I'm lying on my bed looking at my phone and the cat is just like...

Wasabi with her nose mooshed into her tail, boost if you agree

The tiny keyboards on some pay phones, boost if you agree

I'm too pure for these spammers