Anyway, here are some night creatures I met

1. bee in a hole
2. grasshopper in goldenrod
3. cobweb spider with a parasite - a wasp larva
4. slug on a leaf

I didn't want to take photos of the skunks because I was worried the flash would startle them


Check out this cool graphic that goes along with this NatGeo story about spider silk:

[Image description: black and white illustrations of various spider families' distinctive webs and how they use them]


got all made up to take myself to the movies (that doc about the financialization of )

I have to go to work

Wasabi does not want me to go to work

[Image: Wasabi sitting on my chest, mid-mlem]

wasabi pls

[Wasabi washing herself, bracing a foot against my nose]


exhausted after work

[Overhead shot of me lying next to Wasabi]


Found the exact dorky white Reeboks I wore as a kid in a vintage store. Are fashion now? Because I assure you they weren't back then.

Good morning! The grass spider I am keeping molted and my roommate is starting a kombucha culture. Not related. Just a glimpse into our apartment.

[Image: I was clearing out her old web as it was getting pretty ratty when I saw her exuvia (shed exoskeleton) in the little flowerpot that is her hide.]


Being on my phone while walking the cat is risky because at any moment she might spot a moth and bolt after it. She usually misses. We are 0-2 so far

i think the banner turned out well 😊

Ceci n'est pas un pipe 😈

(Stolen from my sister over on 🐦site 🐘)

🎢 Who controls the British pound? Who keeps the metric system down? 🎢

hey,,, go fuck yourself torah dot org

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