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neville park @nev

call them sex co-working spaces and innovation incubators that are disrupting the traditional brothel industry and bam, decriminalization

but if you start calling them "sex dispensaries" the government will want a cut

@nev worker control, not sexual state capitalism...

@mattcropp seize the means of reproduction

"Tax and legalize" doesn't work because prostitutes already pay taxes >.>

I mean, your tone makes it seem like you're joking, but isn't this exactly what happened with weed?

@enkiv2 i'm a tiny bit joking??? but yeah, pretty much exactly like weed

(which is being legalized here in ontario complete with government-run shops)

Convincing people that the average consumer of a contraband product or service is upper middle class white men between the ages of 18 and 35 is a great way to get it legalized.

@enkiv2 @nev Pot? They managed to get it prohibited by stereotyping it as something colored and Mexican people used. A horribly racist law if there ever was one.

@skquinn @nev
And it's now becoming legalized on the grounds that hipsters my age are the primary consumers. Same idea, opposite direction.

@enkiv2 @nev As a non-racist example, it took forever for some cities to legalize pinball again after a few pinball games were misused for gambling. It's amazing that most modern games still have the capability to award replays. (I say non-racist because the majority of pinball players I've seen are white males--something the community is working on changing with women's only leagues/tournaments.)

@skquinn @enkiv2 I think there's still something like that on the books in my city