Can you imagine how much more effective communities would be if people actually just bucked the fuck up and said,

"What I said was antiblack and I shouldn't have said it. It hurt people and it was wrong. I'm sorry and thank you to the people who corrected me. I'll try harder next time."




@guerrillablack Honestly how do I make it my life’s work to get more people into this, because it’s all I care about. But I think about it all the time and still catch myself getting defensive sometimes. I think offering more examples and ways of doing this is a helpful way to replace the defensiveness habit though.

@ORthey @guerrillablack my idea is desensitization: just call them racist for a few hours until the word loses its sting and they realize it's not the end of the world.

This would definitely not work but it's nice to think about sometimes.

@nev @guerrillablack I think that removing the idea of “racist” as a thing you “call” someone is a step in the right direction tbh. It’s not a thing you call someone, it’s a thing we all do sometimes bc racism is super normalized in our culture.

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