Fellow Canadians: are there any working stream URLs for CBC Radio 3? None of the ones I found online work any more. 😞

@bea I suspect they've gotten rid of them entirely in favour of their CBC Music streaming app.

@nev the website played music at me but only if i disabled ublock and only after playing an ad. there's a thing about an embed to put on your own page but overall it looks like the situation is kinda hecked up

@nev not Canadian, have you checked if it's in Streamlink?

I can listen to CBC's Crosscountry Checkup at , allowing only to run from NoScript because CBC is #Javascrippled

@bobjonkman thanks, that's a big help! I just wanted an URL to plug into VLC or whatever.

I haven't found a proper streaming URL yet. Mostly, I listen to CBC when I'm in the car (analogue radio FTW!), but I listen to #aNONradio online (Web), (stream)
Don't go to that link without #NoScript, because the CBC has dozens of tracking URLs it wants to load! !surveillance
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