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neville park ✅ @nev

Tired: we're all inside a massive simulation
Wired: we're all inside an Electron app

If time seems to be moving slowly please consider that the app is trying to run on a Chromebook with 2GB of RAM

@nev Are you sure it's not windows 10 on a Celeron with 1gb

@masklayer Also extremely possible. Quantum physicists are working on it.

@nev On fire'd: We are all free electrons that occasionally get passed around between molecules

@nev being in Electron app is worse

@nev So some time soon oom_killer will end the existence of us all?

@nev whatever SIM we're in the garbage collection is shit we have like 7 hours of downtime each and every 24 hour period where everything just stops executing

@nev I know things are bleak but no need to assume the worst of all possible worlds just yet