trying to customize my sassafras (AlicePatania's Google Scholar Alert-sorting script ), failing miserably because it involves regex, knowing how to code, """deploying""" things, etc., all subjects i neglected in favour of memorizing carly rae jepsen lyrics



what i want to do:
- split author & journal (1 string) into two columns
- add a second URL column but it's got the Sci-Hub URL prefixed to it
- add a column with a little button that just googles the paper title (for when the url's borked)

i can do all those things in google sheets, but do not know how to automate them with code. oh well time for


1. Want a hand, or a second set of eyes or whatever?

2. I studied pure math, finite automata, and taught myself regular expressions, and you made the right choice with the CRJ lyrics

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