Only a handful of these birds were awarded official prizes and some were in fact disqualified, but they are all winners in my heart.

Entry 685, African Owl (any colour), Fred Koops of Hamilton, ON.

This bird is not an owl and is from Hamilton, but it is still cute.

Entry 691, Chinese Owl (any colour), John Koops of Burlington, ON.

Slightly ruffly but, as you can see, still pretty normal-looking.

Entries 694 and 695, English Carrier (any colour), Luke Korcok of Kingsville, ON.

l o n g b o y e s (well really l o n g b o y e and l o n g g i r l e)

(Don't worry I'll keep these to a few a day lol)

Last one for now: entry 751, Racing Homer (any colour), John Koops of Burlington, ON.

This is literally just a seagull grabbed from the parking lot. Low effort no points

Birds of the Royal, continued: entries 697, 698, 699, and 701. Fantail pigeons of various colours from Fred and John Koops.

Entries 704 and 705 are Flying Rollers (any colour), from Fred and John Koops.

do a barrel roll

Birds of the Royal, continued!

Entry 711 is a curlyboi (frillback) from Luke Korcok of Kingsville, ON.


Entry 717, helmet pigeon, from John Koops of Burlington, ON.

She looks like a fancy lady wearing a luxurious fur coat~

Birds of the Royal, cont'd: this curious friend is entry 725, Norwich Cropper, John Koops of Burlington, ON.

Birds of the Royal, cont'd: what is this majestic hawk doing here

Entry 736, English pouter pigeon, from Afzal Kasuji of Scarborough, ON.

This was the biggest pigeon in the whole show. I had to stand back a bit to get it in the frame. In awe at the size of this lad, etc.

Entry 746, Pomeranian pouter pigeon, from Afzal Kasuji of Scarborough, ON.

Entries 756 and 757: a pair of Giant Runt pigeons (an oxymoron, no?) from Fred Koops of Hamilton, ON.

Large, splendid, tawny-eyed snowy owls, would take to Hogwarts, 10/10.

Giant Runt appreciation is a lost art:

Entry 762, Kormorner tumbler from Fred Koops of Hamilton, ON. The name comes from Komárno, a town on the Danube, half in Slovakia and half in Hungary.

This is what happens to me when I go to bed with wet hair.

The very best pigeon of them all - the 🏆 champion pigeon 🏆 - this splendid Pomeranian pouter from Afzal Kasuji of Scarborough, ON. Snowy white and extravagantly feathered.

(I am afraid my photo of the card didn't turn out so I cannot give you the entry number)

Don't worry, this is not the end of Birds of the Royal...

You know what we could all really use, some fuckin' Birds of the Royal

These boldly outlined birds are Sebrights.

Today's instalment of Birds of the Royal: shiny!!

I would need a better camera and lighting to do these chickens justice, but I did my best.

Birds of the Royal: this bird was a weathered punk, like Iggy Pop. Cynical but still feisty. It would probably smoke a pack a day.

Birds of the Royal time! Entry no. 361 is a Silkie from Tony Weatherby of Cobourg, ON. Disqualified for having six toes.

Entry no. 364, partridge Silkie from Kimberly Fabiano of Stouffville, ON.

Silkie for sale! Unfortunately I had spent all my money on fair food...

Incidentally these are the same as the black chickens you see in Asian supermarkets. They are the base of a medicinal soup.

(image from )

Okay, one last Silkie for Birds of the Royal.

Entry no. 369, Silkie (buff colour) from Kimberly Fabiano of Stouffville, ON.

No. 376, D'Uccle Bearded hen (millefleur), from Stephanie Martin of Trent Lakes, ON.

pretty baby

BotR: haha I lied there's more Silkies!!!

Entry no. 352: white Silkie chickens from Ava Campbell, Wren Hill Farm, municipality unknown.

At first I had difficulty telling how many chickens were in the cage.

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@nev thumbnails looked like a lion's mane mushroom :)

@nev these are beautiful. I didn't know Ontario had a pigeon expo.

@Yurkin it's part of an agricultural fair, there are also competitions for cattle, sheep, goats, etc. But the birds are my favourite! (There were also chickens, ducks and geese.)

@nev ❤️ My eldest’s favorite breed. They are feisty and wonderful. She’s shown several at the county fair over the years.

@nev that clearly says 6 foes and any chicken with that many enemies is clearly too formidable for the Royal

@patience they're looking for a new location!! they will return!

@nev oh yeah, i know they’ll find a spot, but that whole stopping in for some takeaway potstickers and other dim sum items for snacking on the spit was always one of my favourite summertime things to do

@nev That's a buff? Interesting. I guess I've never seen a buff silkie, or never noticed what its coloring was listed as.

@Fritillaria2 I know nothing about chickens, they could have written down "plaid" and I'd be like "ok whatever" lol

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@nev meant to say - a few years back my neighbourhood obvs had a fancy pigeon keeper whose flock got loose. we had huge white pigeons and others that would do elaborate wingtip-clapping and tumbling displays in summer evenings.

there's been a deal of interbreeding since then, but the flock that roosts on the south side of the tower on SE corner of Kennedy/Eglinton still have way more colour diversity than one might expect

@scruss @nev this is magically wonderful and heartbreakingly sad all at the same time.

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