Tips to Mastodon newbies…

- There is an Atom/RSS feed of your public 🌎 and unlisted 🔓 toots! You can find it at <your profile URL>.atom. Using IFTTT, you can archive these toots in a text file on Dropbox. Especially helpful for searching your own toots.

- @crossposter lets you selectively crosspost/not crosspost based on words or symbols. For example, all my toots with 🐘 in them are for Mastodon only! I previously had it set so only toots with 🔁 were crossposted to Twitter.

These two things have made my Mastodon experience a lot easier, and it also helps me post things on Twitter and get people's comments on it when I'm specifically avoiding Twitter.

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@nev @crossposter ... I just thought the elephants were there to be cute

I mean, because they are

@bstacey @crossposter The feature's origins are lost in the mists of time but I think I was the one who asked for it as I had set up similar things on IFTTT with hashtags.

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