I'm blocking ost.social because they are a gab friendly instance.

You probably should to.

@Are0h (they say the instance is mostly "abandoned" so I recommend keeping an eye out for the person's alts and blocking other associated instances)

@nev I do dig it there is so much animosity towards me because I won't treat their bigotry as something legitimate.

That warms my heart.

@Are0h @nev lol. I love the twisting around done by the person they're speaking with, too.

"[PV are] of the mindset that bigots can't change."

Nothing like blatantly admitting to being a bigot while simultaneously projecting their own defeatism onto you.

If they were so concerned about this thing you never said, they could just... idk... prove that wrong by changing?

But nope, bigots prefer victim-blaming over actually becoming a better person.

@KitsuneAlicia @nev There's a whole group of them that can't stand that I won't engage with them, so they will say any ole thing to make themselves feel better.

I have no idea why I'm on their minds so much, but in my experience bigots on here are so needy.

@Are0h @nev I don't think it's unique to here, tbh, and I believe it's strategic. They probably go after the most vocal for a given community in order to shut down dissent and become the loudest voices themselves in order to take control over what's acceptable behavior.

But thanks to decentralization and solidarity, their attempts are laughable, at best, since they're too isolated from the communities they actively hate to be able to have any meaningful effect. XD

@Are0h @nev And yes, I'm sure there's an attention-seeking aspect to it too.

"The pain of our hatred is getting dulled due to overexposure to it, so we need to make it more intense by finding new reasons to hate you! Our hatred gives us life, purpose! Shower us with your words so that we may hate you more!"

@KitsuneAlicia @nev They know the ground under them is shrinking and the probably feel attacking who the feel are loud voices will stop that from happening.

But gravity always wins. Especially when people are just sick of your shit.

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