The process of Wasabi begging my roommate for cream:

1. The watchful gaze
2. The expectant pose (note 1 slightly raised front paw)
3. She gets a drop of cream
4. Quiet betrayal as she realizes there won't be any more

(In the morning, my roommate makes coffee. If I haven't woken up and fed the cat yet, she gives her a spoonful of half-and-half in a little bowl. Wasabi knows that she does not get cream if she has already been fed. But she often asks anyway, so polite, with her little paw.)

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@nev this is adorable. What a beautiful little chubby baby

@ItsJenNotGabby it is hard to tell from this photo but she is actually a skinny little thing, maybe 10 pounds, I constantly worry she is too thin but the vet says she's fine.

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