I don't know who needs to hear this, but if you're anti-anti-fascist, you're pro-fascist


"Everyone who isn't part of us is part of the enemy" is the core ethos of fascism.

Hard pass.


You're so amazingly clever. I suspect everyone is rushing to join your movement.

Anyway, ta!

@unlofl @nev

Well I know it doesn't mean what y'all think it does, so . . . ta.

@temujin9 @nev ok, I can't make you find out what we're talking about. Just keep insisting you disagree.

@unlofl @nev

Will do. You keep insisting that those who disagree with you are just ignorant or evil, y'hear?

@temujin9 @nev well, if you refuse to look at what we're talking about... Yeah, is call that ignorance

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