The RMS resignation was inevitable and right, but at the same time very sad.

Things can be right and sad at the same time. We can feel empathy while knowing this was necessary.

For people celebrating, we understand why. For those feeling sad about it, it's okay to feel sad too, but we all knew it had to happen.

#RMS #Stallman #FSF

@emacsen I'm having a bit of difficulty understanding the part around sadness. This is like 20 years of (only 5 I've observed) people railing for this to happen. I'm a proponent of restorative justice (I actually do want him to begin going to therapy to work on his empathy skills) but he willingly did a lot

@jalcine @emacsen he has used his platform to speak for a lot of causes over the years that had nothing to do with tech: this is more than so many of the people in his position. This is not to make up for anything else he's said, but I guess it at least makes me hopeful he's in a position to perhaps understand the context of the irresponsible shit he's said.

@nev @foggy @emacsen this is something too many advocates of him are seemingly refusing to acknowledge

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