@turtlebirb What you call Unions are what I call "Cooperatives". I am pro-cooperative, and advocating for cooperatives for a very long time. No joke at my level regarding this important topix. Cooperatives are definitely the future.

@stman @turtlebirb@radical.town Cooperatives are definitely not the same as unions!

Worker cooperatives may be what you're thinking of. But other kinds of co-ops, like housing co-ops, retail co-ops, and agricultural co-ops, have workforces employed *by* the members. E.g., farmers may have a co-op to sell their products or share equipment, but rely on non-unionized employees or contractors to actually do the farming. (In fact many retail cooperatives have been hostile to employees unionizing.)


@stman @turtlebirb@radical.town In many situations, forming a worker co-op is not feasible, nor the best way to improve your working conditions. E.g. local actors, fast food employees at a multinational chain, grad students, etc.

I suggest reading up on the labour movement, which is distinct from the co-operative movement.

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