Porn production company BangBros bought PornWikiLeaks, a website dedicated to doxxing and harassing porn performers, and literally set it on fire:

The site now:

(All, surprisingly, SFW)


@nev between this specific action and all of Pornhub's snow clearing efforts I'm very curious to see what's next from that whole industry.


Fuck yeah that video of them burning the hard drives. Fuck everyone that was involved in that shit.

@nev wow, hope for humanity...not restored, but added to, at least

@nev I'm gonna be masturbating to that drive burning video

@nev Huh. Turns out it's pretty easy to shut down hate sites. Now if only we could do that to Gab, FSE, KiwiFarms... Just off the top of my head.

@nev the people behind BangBros are actually good people? Huh

@nev @porsupah I have mixed feelings about this. Im happy that the site is gone but, on the other paw, I kind of hope Bang Bros didnt just destroy evidence. We all know that one site being shuttered doesnt prevent it from happening again.

@Catwoman69y2k @porsupah agreed - there's at least 1 investigation going re: a porn company that coerced performers under threat of doxxing on PornWikiLeaks

@nev @porsupah Yeah, and sadly for us (SWers), the doxxing is a constant problem. Porn Wikileaks caused no end of safety issues during the years it was up.

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