the great thing about getting middle-aged is that you go from "poser who only knows the new album" to "appreciator of obscure deep cuts" with absolutely no effort on your part

side note: due to growing up rather sheltered with no control of the radio on car trips my pop music experience went straight from oldies to the Spice Girls. i missed the late 70s and the 80s entirely. i tell you, the difference in production was a trip. all the synths made it sound completely artificial.

"but many 'golden oldies' had synths in them," you might say. that's true, but on AM radio you couldn't really tell. :P


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bonus musical nostalgia gripe: the problem with American streaming services like Spotify and Google Play Music is that their decades-based playlists are missing a big chunk of music that you heard on the radio due to legislation requiring them to play a certain percentage of Canadian music. like, a 90s alternative playlist without Our Lady Peace or the Tea Party? it just doesn't feel right, you know?

More about CanCon:

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@nev @djsundog

Yay now I’m cool!

*plays “I Think We’re Alone Now”*

@nev Maybe it's because Ive been thumbing things up and down so long that I usually get pretty CanCon compliant lists... But there are Canadian playlist stations on GP that are pretty good.

Call me a bit of a sucker but you honestly can't play too much Matthew Good Band, BNL, Our Lady Peace, Gordon Lightfoot, BTO, Tragically Hip, Sum 41, 3 Days Grace, The Trews, 54-40, Sloan, Glorious Sons, or Rush around me.

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