oh my god, i said IGNORE, people. it's just demonstrating a bug for a github issue

but while you're here, if anyone can help me find some random person's fork of Twidere that fixed the image-alt-text-not-attaching thing that has persisted even after the dev closed the issue, lmk

(i forgot about it bc i thought the app was abandoned but now the dev is back and i'm hoping to get some lingering issues fixed)

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update: I found the fork (it was in my stars, lmao) but i dont know code so i dont know how to like merge…things…or whatever…never mind i'll wait for the dev to address it

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@nev twidere is abandoned? It's the best birdsite/mastodon app I've found.

@mattbk no, I thought it was, but recently the developer returned. He is hoping to make a new version from scratch twitter.com/TwidereProject/sta

@nev I am in awe of anyone who can work schedules like 996 and still do stuff on the side.

@nev I’d set up my own fork, determine the other as an offsite branch, and merge locally to make sure there are no conflicts, then push to own repo, assuming the dev isn’t accepting pull requests.

@nev But that also kinda sounds like a lot if you’re not used to that sort of thing.

@fireglow she's currently yowling for food/a walk outside

@nev owww, give her a snackerino. And a rub behind the ears ^_^
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