gripe: all the good cellphone photography gear is made for expensive phones and I like my cheap phone

maybe it's time to get, like, an actual camera. like just a cheap point-and-shoot, not a DSLR or whatever

so. cheap camera or fancy phone? advice/thoughts?

@nev Just how "good" of a phone accessory are you thinking of? And should I assume you've already given aliexpress a good look for lenses/etc for the phone you have, or that are just a real adjustable adapter?


@trini my past couple phones have been mid-range motorolas, which are great as far as cheap phones go but the best I can do as far as lenses is, well, cheap clip-ons. and they don't fit on my phone unless I take the case off

@nev It sounds like you've exhausted the add a lense idea. I guess my next worry would be about getting a good enough phone + case that you can still add a lense on and is OK with the case. The wife has an iPhone Xs but still wanted a lense for close-up, and I think it fits OK with her otterbox case (but she doesn't like that lense anyhow). I wish I had a bit more to add on here.

@trini Motorola is annoying because their back cameras are further away from the edges of the phone (iPhones, for example, have the camera right in the corner), so the standard clips aren't long enough when you have a case on.

I'm the kind of person who uses a phone till the very day it dies and am loth to part with it lol

@nev I understand, I'm going to replace the case on my Samsung S6 before I replace the S6 :)

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