πŸ”„ Don't forget to tip your server 🐘

@nev 🀯 Holy carp! That is a bad day right there.

@nev On a serious note tho holy crap what the HELL happened there. those poor harddrives. that poor server!


...uh... also the poor server admins who are gonna have to fix that

@nev (ngl i'm not sure why i felt worse for the server itself rather htan the people who run it ._.)

@Nine according to source it was an accident at a recycling facility and everything was going to be destroyed anyway

Oh thank goodness. Nothing data wise lost then ^^ still... Wonder if any of that would have been salvageable

@nev Note for anyone in this thread, this photo was taking in a recycling center. Thank god.

@ebarrett no, it was an accident in a recycling centre

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