> “There are women involved in every single step of this amazing project,” said Sara Issaoun, 24, a graduate student at Radboud University in the Netherlands who worked on the research [...] But Ms. Issaoun warned against a “lone-wolf success” narrative. “The diversity and group effort and the breadth of our collaboration, I think, is worth celebration,” she said."

The down side of a woman - any woman - becoming the "face" of a scientific endeavour is that hordes of internet misogynists will descend to question her contributions and expertise:

Also faintly remembering discussions of how we can get more people (especially from underrepresented groups) into science by emphasizing hard work and teamwork, not individual genius

(which is increasingly less of a thing, if it ever was, even when science was the domain of the independently wealthy few. but especially now, when so much important work is produced by global networks, e.g. IPCC.)

@nev ~"MORE *clap emoji* MINORITY *clap emoji* CEOs^H^H^H^HLone-Genius-Ubermenches!!1!"~

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