I just wanna say that I'm a tad disappointed that putting an emoji in your hostname doesn't seem to work in @elementary/Ubuntu.

I tried to name my Thinkpad "πŸ€”pad" but in the shell it just shows up as "pad".

On second thought maybe man should not play God. 🐘

@nev hmmm, i wonder if this works in Plan 9, with its unicode support and whatnot

@nev @elementary I think I saw somewhere Konsole now supports emoji in the terminal

@kensp hmmmmm. I can enter emoji in the terminal. And the elementary font is Open Sans which I think has emoji support. But I'll give some different fonts a try!

@nev i need to find out if arch based distros (i use manjaro) allow emoji in the hostname. want!!

@nev @elementary in theory, only ASCII letters, numbers and the hyphen are permitted in hostnames. There is Punycode for encoding Unicode characters in domain names, but unlike browsers I don't think your terminal will decode Punycode as Unicode, because you might need to pipe that hostname into a program that's expecting a valid ASCII-only hostname. More info:

@nev @elementary (aside: in practice, a lot of tools do allow underscores in hostnames even though they aren't permitted in the RFC)

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