"How could something as fundamental as the bugs in the sky just disappear? And what would become of the world without them?" NYT Mag covers the "insect apocalypse" and how Europe's long amateur naturalist tradition has helped us grasp its scope: nytimes.com/2018/11/27/magazin


It reminds me a bit of something that's been bothering me. A poster on a bug identification forum was relieved to hear the bug they'd found was innocuous, but said they'd already called a pest control company, a spray couldn't hurt, better safe than sorry.

People think there aren't supposed to be bugs in their living spaces, they see the harmless springtail or isopod as the harbinger of a full-on "infestation". I don't like saying things like "unnatural", but a space devoid of all visible life IS unnatural.

@nev I am super terrified of spiders but I never kill them on purpose.

Usually I trap them under a glass until someone braver comes home and can put them outside.

"Think of all the things we'll miss," says the "top pick" comment at the end of the story. "Butterflies in our gardens. Birdsong."

I can't express how naïve this is.

If insects collapse, we, as a species, won't be around to miss anything.

Anyway sorry for the long rant haha gotta go about my day

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