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So, if for nothing else than to help people learn from our mistakes, I'd like to start compiling accounts of the unravelling/failure of

I will be reaching out to particular people over the next few days, but if anyone out there left/chose not to join for Reasons and would be willing to talk about it (anonymously if you want), please DM.

Please boost for visibility. meta, request for feedback, update 

Thank you very much, everyone who has replied so far!

As you may have heard political chaos has been unleashed on my city and there are several emergency meetings and protests and such over the next several days, so this is not like my #1 priority right now, but I will do my best. meta, request for feedback 

Update: I've created a pad here and will be adding to it in bits and pieces.

I am a slow-ass writer and have other stuff going on, so please don't take lack of activity for neglect. meta, request for feedback 

@nev oh, It's sad to hear didn't work out!
what happened? (is there a summary anywhere?) meta, request for feedback 

@distel @nev same here meta, request for feedback 

@nev you know where to find me :D meta, request for feedback 

@nev Not for nothing, but the admin of pointed out your CoC as giving cover to Nazis and the far right, fwiw. I don't have the post in front of me because I had shitcanned her instance a couple weeks ago. meta, request for feedback 

@nev I only remember it because I recognize your instance landing page when I went to go look at it, the last time I was on this page it was b/c she had federated out a toot that outed your CoC. meta, request for feedback 

@nev if you are in contact with @kittybecca who it looks like they may have left social media entirely her perspective and feedback seems like it might be valuable among others. meta, request for feedback 

Great. I do hope it includes a wiki timeline that we can all add to. meta, request for feedback 

@nev thanks for doing this - very valuable. I missed everything and I am one of the many members feeling mystified about all these accusations and allegations.

And not sure has failed just yet though - get messy sometimes, the online element has clearly made things more immediate and all the more visceral.

Increased to see why certain people left - reading between the lines there are people who left for contrary reasons!

Thanks again. meta, request for feedback 

@nev for reference @mayel @cathal @kawaiipunk meta, request for feedback 

@nev I've been thinking that the challenge we're having cohering a narrative to convey to people who were not in the moment is itself symptomatic of structural issues.

Because of the lack of formal delegated governance authority, any "official" narrative must be agreed to by a majority of the whole membership, and by 90% if anyone blocks. Which makes this work of listening that you're undertaking super important.

Thank you for doing it. 💙 meta, request for feedback 

@mattcropp thank you. i think we are just kind of fumbling along meta, request for feedback 


Fumble, learn, grow.

This has hurt a lot, but I've been feeling my perspectives shifting as a result of the experience of the past few weeks.

What we're trying to make possible is strategically vital, and I remain committed to the work. meta, request for feedback 

@mattcropp @nev

Totally. Thank you both. meta, request for feedback 

@nev Thanks for doing this. meta, request for feedback 

@nev My perspective:

The problems on #socialcoop were already clearly visible back in June/July when I had my initial interactions. I decided to check it out after @eloquence and I had talked about it at #osbridge. At the time the CoC discussion was happening in a Google doc, and since I’ve got some expertise there I decided to contribute and see how the reaction was.

Here’s some of the discussion . meta, request for feedback 

@jdp23 thank you very much! meta, request for feedback 

I would particularly like to see this. To make federated services better, we need to understand the causes of failures, and develop systems and strategies to help protect from them. meta, request for feedback 


so, is there a date for the closure of ? meta, request for feedback 

@deejoe @nev A decision to close has not been made yet. A vote for a reform proposal recently narrowly failed to pass, so now there's a two week window for a modified or alternative approaches to be advanced.

If one is not, or if that also fails to pass, I plan on proposing a process in which forking the co-op is a possible outcome. meta, request for feedback 

@nev I was considering moving to but wasn't sure it was the right place for my goofy outpourings and then the vague drama you've been talking about happened. meta, request for feedback 

@nev I think this is super important work! Well done, keep going.

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