🇬🇧 Hey, y'all. Guess what?
Twitter blocked writing once again. This time I'm pretty sure we're not posting mentions, so I don't know what's the issue.

🇧🇷 Oi, povo. Adivinha?
O twitter bloqueou a escrita mais uma vez. Essa vez eu tenho certeza que o crossposter não está postando mentions, então não sei qual é o galho.

-- @renatolond

🇬🇧 For now I'm still allowing for :birdsite: -> :mastodon: , I stopped the other direction. I sent them an email detailing last changes. I'll keep y'all informed.

🇧🇷 Por agora eu ainda deixei ligado a direção :birdsite: -> :mastodon: , eu parei a outra direção. Mandei um email detalhando as últimas mudanças. Vou avisando conforme for rolando.

-- @renatolond

🇬🇧 Hey, y'all! Sorry for the absence of news, Twitter has not responded to my requests so far. The :birdsite: -> :mastodon: direction will keep working for the foreseeable future.

🇧🇷 Oi, gente, desculpe pela falta de notícias, mas o Twitter não respondeu às minhas perguntas até agora.
A direção :birdsite: -> :mastodon: vai continuar funcionando por enquanto.

-- @renatolond

🇬🇧 Hey, y'all! Twitter re-enabled write actions without contacting me in any way. Which probably means this won't last for long. :mastodon: -> :birdsite: is re-enabled, let's see for how long :)

🇧🇷 Oi, povo! O Twitter desbloqueou ações de escrita sem me contactar de qualquer maneira. Isso provavelmente quer dizer que isso não vai durar muito. :mastodon: -> :birdsite: está funcionando de novo, vamos ver por quanto tempo :)

-- @renatolond

🇬🇧 That was ridiculously fast. :mastodon: -> :birdsite: is disabled again :blobfacepalm:

🇧🇷 Foi ridiculamente rápido. :mastodon: -> :birdsite: está desabilitado novamente :blobfacepalm:

-- @renatolond

@crossposter @renatolond I would like to try running it myself, like just for me, and see if they notice. I don't actually know how, but it will be a learning experience.

@nev @crossposter There's smaller instances and I think they have been running without problems, I think crossposter got flagged by the size and now every time it gets restricted once I enable and a mastodon link is posted again.


@renatolond @crossposter by "smaller instances" do you mean other apps, or smaller instances of this app?

@renatolond @nev @crossposter Would it work better if everyone was able to make their own "app" to post with crossposter?

@renatolond @nev @crossposter I remember this used to be a thing for some services, make separate API keys for different apps. etc

@maloki @nev @crossposter Twitter is in the middle of chages to apply for developer access/API keys, so I don't know a definite answer for that. In a way, getting your own API key and setting your own crossposter makes it much more likely that they won't bother you, but this also requires setting up a crossposter yourself, which is well, not user friendly 🤷🏽‍♂️
I think if each instance set up their own crossposters (assuming they are okay with crossposting), that would be a good middle ground

@renatolond @crossposter oh okay! Do you know what some of the other instances are?

@nev @crossposter Not public ones, I know of two instances that set up their own, but restricting access to their instance members 🤔

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