I have mixed feelings on FB closing down API posts (ex. from WordPress, or IFTTT, or Buffer) to personal profiles. It probably will cut down on spam, but it also locks you further into their silo. (You can still write elsewhere and link back to it on FB, but you have to do it manually.)

Then again, isn't that also the argument against automatically cross-posting birdsite to Mastodon? That if you're not actually on the platform, you're not really participating?


@KelsonV @DialMforMara that was exactly why I liked using IFTTT to post Twitter photos to FB: I didn't have to use FB.

Now I have to make 2 separate posts...*sigh*

@nev @DialMforMara Yep...and now they've got you back while you write that link post, and they can try to keep you there long enough to see some ads before you go.

It's amazing how desperate FB is to keep you engaged. If I've been away for 24 hours, they start sending me "So and so posted something! Don't you want to look?"

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