My library hold came in! The new translation of The Odyssey by Emily Wilson. Here's a NYT piece on it:

This is the first English translation by a woman. In our language's 500-year history this is the first time society and academia and economics have aligned just right so that for once a member of the other half (more or less) of the human race got to take a crack at it.

I started flipping through it in the library and ended up sitting down and reading all the Introduction, which goes into detail about the setting and theme, and the Translator's Note.

I like that she imposed particular constraintsβ€”it is exactly the same number of lines as the original.


Something she pointed out that I never realized it was taught, that sent a thrill down my spine - in the Odyssey, no one reads or writes. That's how old this story is.

@nev !!!! i have Many Feelings about this translation

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