Monday morning linkdump! Just clearing out my Firefox tabs...

A recent study finds that male political reporters retweet male colleagues three times as often as female ones:

> [The authors] write that the patterns “suggest that men live in a gendered echo chamber that promotes other male journalists at the expense of female ones.”


Upending conventional wisdom and "Lean In" platitudes, a new study using Australian data finds that women *do* ask for raises as often as men - they just don't get them:

For The Walrus, Corey Mintz breaks bread with the migrant workers who pick Ontario's fruit:

> [The] migrant agricultural worker experience in Canada [is] family members living and working here for two-thirds of every year with no clear pathway to citizenship or opportunity to gain a foothold in Canadian society.

I know the planet is doomed and all, but here's 5 "re-wilding" success stories - cases where extirpated wildlife has been reintroduced to its native habitat:

A group of news outlets, including ProPublica, The Intercept, Univision, and BuzzFeed News, are crowdsourcing information on the whereabouts of migrant children separated from their parents at the U.S. border:

Daisy Kadibil, the Aboriginal Australian woman whose childhood experiences inspired the 2002 film "Rabbit Proof Fence", died earlier this year at 95.

Stolen from their families by the government to be stripped of their culture and assimilated into white society, she, her sister, and her cousin successfully escaped and walked hundreds of miles home.

Political journalist Marcy Wheeler speaks out about why she shared information with the Mueller investigation, and the danger of Republicans digging up dirt on whistleblowers:

"Sometime last year, I went to the FBI and provided information on a person whom I had come to believe had played a significant role in the Russian election attack on the US. Since that time, a number of public events have made it clear I was correct."

We thought spiders used the wind to "balloon" - fly vast distances on silk threads. A new paper reveals that they're using Earth's atmospheric electric field:

Members of Halal Gang, the collective of recently killed Toronto rapper Smoke Dawg, reflect on his life:

As does producer 40:

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