Anyone want to know how many people said Yes to #ForkOffTogether ? :blobheart:

Anyone want to know how many coders are ready to #ForkOff ?

Anyone want to know if we have translators? Community managers? accessibility experts? designers / artists, who want to #ForkOffTogether ?

Just waiting for the prepped toots to get the go ahead from proof-readers!

As you know, last week I made a Survey to see if you all were interested in a Fork of Mastodon for Governance.

I expected to keep it up for 1-2 weeks, before processing any of the data.

However, the response was huge in just the first 24 hrs, so we went ahead.

And today I'm going to show you some screenshots!

There were no troll-responses that we felt we needed to delete, because there wasn't enough to devalue that survey.

You wanted to #ForkOffTogether


@maloki whoops I never got around to responding darn it

@nev It's still up for another while. You can go ahead

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