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Interesting stuff. Some food for thought on communalism’s role in techno-utopianism; horizontalism vs verticalism; the politics of infrastructure.

"Last year the five largest co-ops paid over 50% more tax to the government than some of the largest and most high profile businesses operating in the UK."
(from 2016)


So I'm creating a password for a account. I'm not allowed to have any special characters in my password, letters and numbers only. Adding a special character fails validation and tells me that my password is not secure. is usually regarded as excellent on UX, so what's the deal here? Is there some logic to it?

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Happy New Year! Let this be the year of massive social change to the benefit of all.

Hey, we orbited the Sun again! Good job everyone!

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We wish everyone from the fediverse a happy new year! May the (software) freedom be with you... To all the people who love to use, study, share and improve #FreeSoftware aka #OpenSource #FOSS #FLOSS
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What's a blockchain?

It's a thing for people who don't have the faintest idea what it is to talk about, helping disinformation, and obscurantism.

Data structures and computer science concepts don't destroy the environment. Imagine if you developed irrational reactions for other data structures, like a vector or a matrix.

Maybe you want Bitcoin miners to stop consuming energy that has been produced and planned for in China.

If you want that, say that, stop being so offensively ignorant.

* Statue of Engels CHECK
* Farmbot growing cabbage CHECK
* Exhibition of trade union banners CHECK
* Some history of co-operatives CHECK
* Reading some Bookchin in the Central Library CHECK

Day out in Manchester, innit.

90% off all Verso ebooks until January 1st. The largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world. Give 'em a bit of solidarity and get a book on politics for a couple of quid.

I just got The Next Revolution collection of essays by Bookchin, score.

“What I didn’t expect was they would essentially completely ignore our request,” Collins said.

Well, of course they did. The market will push around the state as far as it can.

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A little success story. Installing 32bit Debian 9 onto a 7 year old netbook and then editing in emacs is really fast. CPU use is about 5% or less.

Seems like a pretty decent set of short-, mid-, and long-term goals for eventual transition to post-scarcity anarchism:

What do you think?

Good reading list of speculative narratives, utopian thinking and critique.

"Feeling like there's a future is vital for moving through the present"

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Anarchist News: **Al Jazeera profiles "anarchist-communist" bakery in Paris**

"This short video by Al Jazeera profiles an "anarchist-communist" bakery in Paris called Conquete du Pain, or The Conquest of Bread. As shown in the video, they are a self-managed establishment which pays everyone working there the same wage and is run by general…"

#anarchism #bot

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RT ah yes, those brussels shackles, chaining me to bed for a lie in, or the sofa to binge watch game of thrones, and not allowing me to make myself ill with by working unsafe hours, as I truly crave

Oh man. Getting set up for sending regions to the IPython REPL in spacemacs was super easy. Great stuff.

python’s argparse is a really handy library. Sometimes it’s the little things in life (coding) that are important.

Working on my research today, feeling pretty amazed at the range of free software and services available to me that enable me to do. GNU, Linux, bash, emacs, spacemacs, vim, PHP, codeception, git, github, travis, TeX, LyX. Eclipse, FeatureIDE. Whatever all of these themselves are built on. DuckDuckGo, StackOverflow and blogs helping with questions. Plenty more I’m sure I’ve missed out. Flipping awesome, this ecosystem.

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